Photography enthusiast based in San Francisco, California. My main areas of interest are creative portraiture and landscape photography. I love wandering around and exploring new areas that I haven't seen, both around the world and in SF. I'm also a huge camera gear head.

Here are 2 photos that I'm particularly proud of:

A Day's Hard Work

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in April 2016. I spent quite a bit of effort planning this shot--I went to Home Depot to get the paint color-matched and cut/shaped the mop to look like a paintbrush.

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Sunday Mornings

I uploaded this to, a website with over 300,000 free-to-use photos. At one point, it was the 12th most downloaded photo on the site, and has been featured by Buzzfeed.

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If you're interested, check out my photos on Instagram! The feed below contains some of the recent pictures I've taken. Please reach out if you want to shoot together!